Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Reasons Wenzel America should be your Metrology Equipment Supplier

Are your CMM measuring machines working at optimal performance?

Are you worried about buying metrology equipment from a company youre not familiar with?  

Does your metrology equipment return the level of data and accuracy you need?

Wenzel America develops and implements new technology to solve all your measurement needs, while improving quality and throughput of your part manufacturing processes. We offer new, used and entry-level measuring machines to meet your custom applications and budget.
Metrology equipment

Wenzel has a 45-year history of making metrology equipment and that experience and know-how is obvious from the sourcing and hand lathing of the South African Impala Granite to the use of the most advanced Renishaw scanning heads.

Though there are hundreds of reasons to choose Wenzel America for metrology equipment, but we figure a top ten list keeps it simple.

All Wenzel machines are designed and manufactured to give:

1.    Stable, hard granite bases and axes.
2.    High level of reliability.
3.    Increased accuracy, pay for the accuracy you need.
4.    Extensive measuring options, including white light and x-ray to name a few.
5.    Improved flexibility with up to 6 axis measuring systems
6.    FEM design optimized models.
7.    Ergonomic designs, allowing for relaxed work environment.
8.    The use of linear drive systems in various models.
9.    Motorized tailstocks can be removed for loading.
10.Various configuration levels available for all cmm measuring machines.

We are constantly innovating and advancing our metrology equipment and we know there is no better investment for your measuring needs.  We also back up every machine we sell with a level of personal customer care that can only come from a 45-year-old, family-owned company.  We fully support our machines with repair, maintenance, calibration, PC upgrades and software maintenance.

Wenzel is the largest and most successful, family owned and operated metrology equipment company in the world. We supply more than 500 precision measuring machines annually. Wenzel America is your source for metrology equipment in North America, contact us today.

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