Friday, September 19, 2014

When Testing Parts - What Do We Mean by “100% Inspection”?

When we talk about a 100% inspection or testing process in metrology we need to define our terms before we start. When we say – “100 Percent Inspection” or “100 Percent Testing” in metrology it means everything is tested or inspected.

But what do we mean by everything?

Exactly what is tested?

100 Percent Inspection and Complete Quality Assurance

CMM Measuring | Wenzel America 
100 Percent Inspection means every part is inspected – in other words all parts of a particular batch are tested against predetermined tolerances of defined features. It does not refer to testing every single quality feature on a part – that is called “Complete Testing” or “Complete Inspection” and is part of complete quality assurance.

“100% of testing is only 80% accurate.” – Dr. Juran

We all know that the best lean manufacturing and quality management process is to avoid errors in manufacture by inspection before and during – so the process is corrected.

In an ideal world this happens long before they’re ready to be shipped.

This is, of course, the biggest focus at Wenzel America and it’s why we create so many custom CMM measuring solutions that fit into the production line and the shop floor.

Nevertheless, it is not an ideal world and we know automotive, medical device, and aerospace companies (your customers) increasingly demand parts manufacturers do 100% Inspection before shipping - regardless of the quality of their metrology processes before and during production.

With the right CMM measuring solutions at every phase you can make that 80% accuracy as close to 100% as possible.

The challenge for manufacturers when 100% Inspection is demanded before shipping is to reduce the time and spent to do it and still get the most accurate measurements possible.

How Do We Measure Large Batches of Parts with Precision and Speed?

Traditional CMM measuring and tactile measuring procedures are usually too slow to
CMM Measuring | Wenzel America
meet the very short measuring cycles required. Likewise, typical laser or light measurement solutions are limited due to fixed head orientation, measuring environment, shiny parts, etc.

Although Wenzel’s CORE series is ideal for increasing shop floor production speed, it was designed for all high-speed CMM measurement needs. The CORE’s optical measurement method and the high dynamic linear motors guarantee very short measuring cycles.  Unlike other optical CMM measuring machines the CORE is surface independent. This cuts out the time-sucking surface preparations needed by most optical systems.

If 100% Testing and Inspection are what is being demanded of your customers there are really only two options for manufacturers:

1.   Cut corners and set up the cheapest 100% Inspection system possible – which can result costly “bad parts”, fewer “good parts” to ship, and extra downtime due to slow, non-ideal testing methods.

2.   Use a high-speed, highly accurate Wenzel CORE system customized to the exact 100% Inspection requirements your customers expect.

For more information about the CORE CMM measuring machines, advice on improving your measuring systems and 100% inspection processes you can contact Wenzel America by phone at 248.295.4300, email, or sign up for our newsletter.

About Wenzel America

Wenzel America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wenzel Group GmbH & Co. KG, a 45-year-old, family-owned, world-leading manufacturer of metrology solutions. Wenzel America is a top supplier of High-Speed Optical Scanning, CT 3D Scanning and traditional CMMs and GMMs to North American aerospace, automotive and medical device manufacturers.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Meet Wenzel America’s New Meridian Ultimate Shop-Floor Gaging Solution

Do you need a measuring solution for your high-volume shop floor production cells but nowhere near the budget for 10 new CMMs?

What if you could have a single CMM coordinate measuring machine do the job of 10?

What if instead of getting 9 new CMM coordinate measuring machines you could purchase 10 Renishaw Equator gaging systems and 1 Wenzel CMM coordinate measuring machine for 1/10th the cost?

What if this solution measured all the parts you needed even faster?

We’ve created the metrology system that can do exactly that. We call it the Wenzel Meridian system.
CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine

It combines the intrinsic accuracy of the XO55 CMM coordinate measuring machine with the unmatched precision and versatility of Renishaw’s Equator gaging system.

Our latest innovative metrology solution allows you to make master and golden calibrations more quickly and accurately. You get increased production speed and customizability that is perfect for high-volume shop floor production cells.

We’re not intimidated by using other people’s software on our machines. We have incredible software, but our goal is to build systems that do the measuring jobs you need.  Precision metrology is what we do, tethering you to a less than ideal solution simply compromises our integrity. Creating new systems with our granite CMM coordinate measuring machines and metrology expertise at the foundation means we can always deliver the best leading-edge measuring solutions every time.

Renishaw’s Equator versatile gage uses their MODUS software and so we developed the Meridian system with XO55 powered by MODUS. Meridian brings full compatibility and traceability to shop floor gaging. The increased production that results is easily handled by adding an additional Equator anywhere in the production line.

“The Meridian system has been utilized by a number of Wenzel America and Wenzel UK customers to rave results,” says Andy Woodward, President of Wenzel America.

“We made it official at this year’s IMTS and now the full Meridian system will be available from Wenzel America.”

When we outfit you with a Meridian system we install both components, the XO55 and the Equator, plus we train you on the Renishaw MODUS software that powers both machines.

For more information about our New Meridian gaging system just hit the Ask A Question button at the top of the page or give our team a call at 248.295.4300.
CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine

Friday, September 5, 2014

Phoenix II and Renishaw’s SP25 + Wenzel’s Precision Bridge CMM Coordinate Measuring Machines

Delivering true 21st Century Multi Sensor Capability with Intrinsic Accuracy

What if you could have a fully articulable, ultra-fast optical sensor on any CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine in your shop that fits right in your standard Renishaw change rack?

How much time would you save by moving from a Renishaw SP25 sensor to a camera, or structured light sensor just like you do between two different length touch probes?

Imagine measuring the contours of a body panel or hip joint with a complete 3D surface map using structured light, then measuring the geometric features with a touch probe – without moving the part.

CMM Coordinate Measuring MachineIt’s not only possible, we will customize a system to fit your exact CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine needs. By implementing the Wenzel Phoenix structured-light projection sensor alongside your SP25 on a PH10 head you have metrology versatility like you’ve never experienced.

Can any metrology system from any other company give you the following:

  • Fast results on free-form shapes and contours – Traditional optical sensor targets like sheet metal and car body panels done with full articulation.

  • Precise quality control of medical device manufacture – Get the thousands of data points for a complete 3D surface map then easily switch to tactile sensor when you need it to circumscribe or measure geometry.

  • Measure soft materials or multi material surfaces with precision and ease – and use a touch probe as needed - on the same CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine.

  • Fully Articulable Measurement – Get the exact measurement you need on the minimum size CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine. No wasted real estate when it all fits in the change rack.

We know the answer. Only Wenzel America’s innovation with the Phoenix II can do this.  This is a metrology game changer for many.

CMM Coordinate Measuring MachineThe Phoenix structured light projection and image processing sensors fit on the Renishaw PH10 just like a regular touch probe.  Used in unison with the Renishaw SP25 and you’ve got a Bridge CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine that can do what no other machine can do.

You’re not forced into buying more granite than you need.

No need to compromise your measurement needs because the only optical sensors they make are fixed downward.

With Wenzel America you get a custom all-granite CMM coordinate measuring accuracy with full axes measurement, speed, and fully articulable. We provide true 21st century MultiSensor capability plus a tradition of only the most metrologically accurate material.