Friday, September 5, 2014

Phoenix II and Renishaw’s SP25 + Wenzel’s Precision Bridge CMM Coordinate Measuring Machines

Delivering true 21st Century Multi Sensor Capability with Intrinsic Accuracy

What if you could have a fully articulable, ultra-fast optical sensor on any CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine in your shop that fits right in your standard Renishaw change rack?

How much time would you save by moving from a Renishaw SP25 sensor to a camera, or structured light sensor just like you do between two different length touch probes?

Imagine measuring the contours of a body panel or hip joint with a complete 3D surface map using structured light, then measuring the geometric features with a touch probe – without moving the part.

CMM Coordinate Measuring MachineIt’s not only possible, we will customize a system to fit your exact CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine needs. By implementing the Wenzel Phoenix structured-light projection sensor alongside your SP25 on a PH10 head you have metrology versatility like you’ve never experienced.

Can any metrology system from any other company give you the following:

  • Fast results on free-form shapes and contours – Traditional optical sensor targets like sheet metal and car body panels done with full articulation.

  • Precise quality control of medical device manufacture – Get the thousands of data points for a complete 3D surface map then easily switch to tactile sensor when you need it to circumscribe or measure geometry.

  • Measure soft materials or multi material surfaces with precision and ease – and use a touch probe as needed - on the same CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine.

  • Fully Articulable Measurement – Get the exact measurement you need on the minimum size CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine. No wasted real estate when it all fits in the change rack.

We know the answer. Only Wenzel America’s innovation with the Phoenix II can do this.  This is a metrology game changer for many.

CMM Coordinate Measuring MachineThe Phoenix structured light projection and image processing sensors fit on the Renishaw PH10 just like a regular touch probe.  Used in unison with the Renishaw SP25 and you’ve got a Bridge CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine that can do what no other machine can do.

You’re not forced into buying more granite than you need.

No need to compromise your measurement needs because the only optical sensors they make are fixed downward.

With Wenzel America you get a custom all-granite CMM coordinate measuring accuracy with full axes measurement, speed, and fully articulable. We provide true 21st century MultiSensor capability plus a tradition of only the most metrologically accurate material.

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