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Wenzel Shanghai Expansion Means One Thing - German-Engineered Precision for You

Wenzel Shanghai Expands Our Commitment to Precision & Value

In late 2013 Wenzel Group opened a new 50,000 square-foot production and assembly facility in Shanghai, replacing a facility one-third the size where we’d built the XOrbit (XO) CMM since 2005. It is the home of Wenzel Shanghai, a wholly owned and managed subsidiary of Wenzel Group.
The new, larger facility has allowed us to bring more operations in-house and produce more XOs with faster delivery times.

Over the last year and a half this has meant better and better service and higher quality products for all of our customers worldwide, but the most exciting development was just unveiled at our annual summit in February.

Wenzel Shanghai is now producing a new range of CMMs called the XOplus. The XOplus CMMs bridge the technical and commercial gap between the German-built, premium-level LHG systems and the mid-level XO series. They will shortly be integrating production of the X-Cite entry-level product line as well.

Our goal is to provide Wenzel’s renowned precision at every level of customer need. With our rapidly expanding product line, the current Shanghai team of almost 100 people will soon be growing to keep up with demand in the coming years.

We know what you’re thinking...

Are Your Chinese-made CMMs reliable?

In a word - Absolutely.  

So, Made in China? What does that mean?   Does it matter anymore? 

There are a lot of people that think it does. In some cases that may be true.

Yet, everyday, we all use, wear, and consume Chinese-made products.

Whether you’re using an iPhone, Android, PC or Mac - these high quality, precision-engineered devices were most likely made in China. Some are great and others, not so much.

Most of us would agree that Samsung and Apple produce some of the most advanced, high-quality electronics on the planet - all made in China. 

We don’t question it, because those companies are committed to making products to a very high standard.

On the other hand, you can buy similar products (but not the same), even some with name brands from a discount retailer and the quality is pretty bad. Hence, the mixed feelings about what “Made in China” means.

With such stark quality differences, we understand your concern. It’s an even bigger concern when it comes to the precision and accuracy of expensive metrology machines. And that's why we're letting you know exactly how we build every Wenzel CMM.

Nobody wants to buy a commoditized machine built in a contract manufacturing facility where the company name on the product is simply a sticker slapped on the side.

So, how can you tell the difference?

Commitment to precision, accuracy & excellence

As a family-owned company you’d expect us to be fully transparent about how and where our products are made - and we are - because we’re proud of the standards we uphold in every manufacturing facility on every continent.
The truth is, no matter where your products are made, the difference in quality comes from the integrity of the manufacturer and their commitment to making products to only the highest standard. Like Apple and Samsung compared to companies that slap a logo on outsourced goods and call it a day.

Putting the Wenzel family name on a CMM means our German-Engineered precision, made to our highest standards in our own production facility by our own employees.

When you buy an XO or Xcite you get a Wenzel-designed, Wenzel-built, Wenzel-precise, Wenzel-accurate, hand-lapped, granite CMM that calibrates and performs to certified metrological standards.

The fact is, the XO, XOplus, and Xcite machines allow you to afford the highest quality CMMs without sacrificing precision, reliability, or accuracy.

8 Things You're Guaranteed with CMMs Proudly Made by Wenzel in Shanghai 

  1. A German-engineered measuring machine adhering to the Wenzel family’s legacy of precision metrology design principles.
  2. A no-compromise CMM made from temperature-stable granite. 
  3. A CMM with hand-lapped, built-in intrinsic, uncompensated accuracy.
  4. A measuring machine where even the small details, like the cable-chain assembly is done in-house.
  5. A 100% Wenzel-made CMM produced at the wholly-owned subsidiary of Wenzel Group - Wenzel Shanghai.
  6. A German management team closely supervising each process to ensure every CMM bearing the Wenzel name lives up to the legacy of precision and accuracy.
  7. Access to the full range of Renishaw probe systems at the best value.
  8. Wenzel America’s expertise, agility and flexibility in producing customer-specific variants of ideal CMM and sensor systems.

Popularity has its advantages - Get the CMM you need - fast 

The XO CMMs have been one of our most popular lines in the U.S. for many years. Few, if any, CMMs come close to the value/size/accuracy balance XOrbit offers. And none have Wenzel’s guarantee of quality and accuracy.

Often, the overall value balance of the XO allows buyers to purchase more machines or systems at the same cost of a single premium machine, helping them expand operations and increase quality even faster. More North American manufacturers discover this every year when they buy their first XO machines from us.

The popularity of the XOrbit CMMs, and now the XOplus, also means these measuring machines move fast and we can hold the common sizes in stock in Michigan. This makes for drastically reduced delivery times and you can get your new CMM installed and productivity increased much quicker.

Our LHG CMMs, CORE, WGT, exaCT - Proudly made in Germany

As with any company, different products lines require different levels of control and skill to manufacture. Germany is still the source of our highest-levels of precision and design, signature old-world craftsmanship, and hand lapping of the highest quality, black impala granite for our flagship LHG CMM series.

The premium LHG CMM series, the high-accuracy WGT gear testing machines, the CORE high speed non-contact systems and our range of scanners, including the exaCT line, continue to be produced by Wenzel Group at our manufacturing facility in Germany.

Precision Metrology Machines - Our #1 commitment

With the family name on every product and a legacy of engineering excellence and precision metrology, you can rest assured our commitment to that will always be true...On any continent.

More Information About Wenzel America

For more information about the new XOplus machines produced at Wenzel Shanghai check out the related article about the XOplus specs and launch. To get all your questions answered about the XO, XOplus, Xcite CMMs and all Wenzel products and CMMs please call Wenzel at 248.295.4300.

Keeping Up With 3D Printing’s RAPID Rise in Manufacturing

There is nothing quite like buzz and excitement about the future of how we make things that 3D printing and additive manufacturing bring to every manufacturing-related industry. And there is no other event that showcases every aspect of this new 3D world like SME’s RAPID show being held this May in Long Beach, California.
As a metrology company, the aspect of the 3D printing and additive manufacturing we are most excited about is 3D Imaging and 3D Scanning.  Even as this “disruptive” technology is challenging everything we know in manufacturing, it’s Achilles heel could be metrology and measurement technology that can keep pace. You can’t make what you can’t measure.

If you’re going to keep up in additive & 3D, RAPID is the only game in town

Truthfully, SME’s RAPID show pretty much made the game and for us, attending the RAPID 2015 event is not optional.  Our manufacturing world is changing so fast if you blink you’ve missed it.

We believe unless you’re a step ahead, you’ve fallen behind.

Manufacturers who go to the RAPID events see what’s coming, maintain their competitive advantages and don’t have to wonder, “What just happened!?!”

RAPID is known worldwide as the preeminent event for 3D printing, scanning, and additive manufacturing. This is their 25th anniversary as the ultimate authority in in the space and they promise the most comprehensive display of 3D technology, expertise, and innovation ever showcased in one place.

Including a series of Technology Briefings as part of the main show, with two hosted by our own resident 3D imaging and scanning expert.

If 3D printing is the Wild West, 3D scanning is the Law & Order

And, after this show, you might also say there’s a new sheriff in town. For the 8th show in a row, Giles Gaskell has been asked to present the Technology Briefing on 3D Scanning and Imaging. He'll also be doing a Fundamentals of 3D Scanning and Imaging Workshop at the Monday morning kick-off sessions.

His brand-agnostic 3D imaging tech talk blows the lid off the Wild West atmosphere we often see in disruptive technologies like 3D printing. The information you’ll learn will help you avoid paying for technology you don’t need, while maintaining the quality level and precision you do.

He’ll cover the same content both days including an introductory overview of the current scanning technologies available from RAPID exhibitors along with a high-level look at reverse engineering, analysis, and inspection that only 3D imaging makes possible. 

The first 3D Imaging and Scanning Technology briefing will be a Tuesday session from 2:30pm - 3:30pm and Wednesday’s session runs from 10:30am - 11:30am.  Both talks are free to all RAPID ticket holders and take place on the main show floor.

He’s been into 3D scanning & imaging since before it was a “thing”

As our Applications and Sales Manager for 3D Imaging and 3D Scanning since 2010, Giles Gaskell ensures we don’t just keep up with the pace of 3D imaging, but we set the standard.

A few months ago he wrote a primer Fundamentals of 3D Scanning and Imaging, a three-part series for our metrology blog. 

He’d never tell you himself, but he’s been into the 3D scanning “thing” almost since before it was a “thing”, founding the UK’s first distributor of hand-held 3D scanners back in the 90s. 

He also happens to be a long-time advisor to the RAPID show on 3D imaging and scanning technology as a whole, and maintains a comprehensive knowledge of all 3D scanning and imaging machines in the field - regardless of brand. 

As for other reasons why you should attend and what you could learn, for this one we went straight to the source - From the official RAPID 2015 event website:

Make side-by-side comparisons of the latest 3D technology & products

The level of cutting-edge 3D innovation at RAPID is unparalleled, as well as the breadth and depth of additive expertise across all industries. This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the newest 3D products and do a side-by-side comparison with other products to find your best fit. This is your event to explore the unlimited possibilities of how 3D technology can advance your business.

Manufacturers looking for a competitive advantage? Look no further

For manufacturers looking for their next best competitive advantage, RAPID 2015 takes the thrill of the hunt to a whole new level. The world-renowned RAPID event is the culmination of 25 years of expertise in creating the largest, most exciting additive manufacturing event in North America.

The RAPID Exposition is a visual, creativity-inspiring, hands-on learning playground. Nowhere will you find such a comprehensive display of 3D technology, expertise and innovation in one place. It will include OEMs, service bureaus, and related technology consultants and partners – the vendors your business needs to advance in the additive manufacturing industry.

Why attend RAPID 2015?

Attendees can visit the RAPID event to research and source the latest equipment, materials and services in additive manufacturing/3D printing and 3D scanning.

More questions about the 25th Annual RAPID Show

You can visit the RAPID website directly to get tickets and get the full details on the keynotes and conferences. 

The RAPID 3D Imaging/3D Scanning Tech Briefings will be presented on the show floor Tuesday, May 19th from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm and Wednesday, May 20th from 10:30 am – 11:30 am. Both briefings will have the same content and are free to RAPID attendees, although the knowledge you get from Giles’ talk just might pay for your whole trip to the show.

We’ll see you there.

New XO Plus Coordinate Measuring Machine Fills the Gap in Accuracy/Price Equation

Wenzel launches new XOplus Coordinate Measuring Machine

Usually, in this column we take you inside the metrology and 3D measurement machines, tools, and technologies of our partners and customers. But this month we’re pretty excited to take you under the surface of the newest edition to the Wenzel family - Our new XOplus Coordinate Measuring Machine series.

This new line of Wenzel CMMs is produced in our recently expanded Wenzel Shanghai production facility by Wenzel craftsmen and builds on the popularity and versatility of our XO CMMs. The German-engineered and designed XOplus bridges the technical and commercial gap between the standard XOrbit line and our flagship, German-designed and built, LHG CMMs.

New CMM sizes mean even more precision solutions

Finding the precise size/accuracy/price CMM combination will be even easier since the XOplus size options differ from our XO and LHG lines. The XOplus range includes bridge sizes of 55 (500mm by 500mm), 77, and 98. Each bridge size also has different Y-axis lengths, making for exact and custom Wenzel measuring solutions for whatever measuring task you have.

XOplus CMM Add It Up. +Accuracy +Protection +Scanning

When looking at the XOplus versus the XO CMM lines there are three technical reasons you may want to choose the XOplus.
  • Accuracy – XOplus offers higher accuracy than the regular XO line. 
  • Protection – XOplus has an X-axis cover, the XO does not. 
  • Scanning – XOplus uses smooth tooth belt drives allowing for higher speeds and smoother 3-axis scanning 

Design improvements bring two more pluses to the table

There are two main design improvements in the XOplus series that give these CMMs higher measuring accuracy than the robust XO CMMs.

The first of these relates to the X-axis of the measuring machine:

The XOplus has a belt drive system similar to those used on our LHG machines. You can see it below enclosed in the new concertina covers.

The second thing we did was improve the Y-axis bearing arrangments. 
Placing the two additional bearings and extra bearing way against the lift bearings on top of the plate adds extra stiffness to the machine structure, delivering improved accuracy.

The XOplus incorporates two additional wrap-around air bearings both acting on a newly added, hand-lapped, and ground guideway on the underside of the one-piece Wenzel CMM plate. 

Accuracy, precision, and stability at every level

The new mid-range XOplus CMMs perfectly round out the accuracy/price/size gaps between the XO and LHG. But, because all our machines combine precision engineering and the most stable metrology material, how much machine you really need for your measurement needs is not always obvious. We’ll soon be publishing a comprehensive Bridge CMM buyer’s guide to help fill the knowledge gap between what your needs are and which machines best meet them.

More Information about the XOplus CMM

For more information about the Wenzel XOplus CMM series you can get the full scoop along with a downloadable product data sheet on the website. To get all your questions answered about the XOplus and find out when you can take delivery, please call Wenzel America at 248.295.4300. For more information and a related story on the new Wenzel Shanghai production facility where the XOplus is made check out this article.

Headed South of the Border with Mexico's CMM Leader Borbolla Metrology

As you know, we’re called Wenzel America. What you may not realize is that doesn’t just mean the U.S.A and Canada. We cover all of North America, so come with us as we travel South of the border to visit the Republic of Mexico’s metrology leader - Borbolla Metrology.

A family owned company with 20+ years of metrology experience

Like us, Borbolla Metrology is a family owned company known for a level service and agility you don’t find in any other type of company.

Founded in 2003 by Luis and Jorge Borbolla they have quickly become the leading metrology supplier in Mexico. Companies from the U.S., Canada, China, Korea, and of course, Mexico, rely on the expertise and service of the Borbolla brothers for the CMM and metrology equipment needs.

“Before we founded the company we’d been selling various metrology machines and equipment since the mid 90s and not every supplier delivered the level of service we wanted for our customers,” explained Luis. 

“From this experience we knew we had to start with handpicked vendors that shared our same values of quality, precision and care for the customer.”

Building a solid foundation on shared values and the right partners

Their mission was to find OEM vendor-partners known for the highest accuracy and precision in their products and equally high-level service. The search left just a few companies on a pinnacle - including Wenzel America and Renishaw.

“Developing partnerships with metrology leaders like Wenzel and Renishaw, at the foundation of Borbolla Metrology, really put our new company on solid footing,” added Jorge.

“Working with another family-owned company like Wenzel America, who are known not just for precision CMMs, but for giving the best service in the industry, gave us the confidence we needed.”

In Metrology - Accuracy and Precision are a Team Sport

According to the brothers, their partnership with Wenzel America has been vital for the development of the company and has helped them expand their service capabilities across Mexico - selling and installing more than 120 Wenzel measuring machines in a myriad of companies of all sizes. This sales volume has made Borbolla the most valuable Wenzel partner in Mexico and helped them become one of the most experienced metrology companies in the country.

According to Andy Woodward, Wenzel America’s President, “We are supremely confident we can refer any of our U.S., Canadian, or other customers expanding into Mexico to Borbolla Metrology and they will receive the same level of service they have come to expect from us.” 

5-Axis, Non-Contact, Bridge CMMs - Doing it all

Borbolla’s breadth of experience extends into the full Wenzel product line including 5 axis measurement and non-contact machines for NDT.
They’re experts in Wenzel/Renishaw 5-axis systems, having sold and installed a number of Wenzel frames mounted with REVO and PH20 probes. Their team also delivered the first two CORE units in Mexico, installing the 3D scanning units at a Honeywell plant there. And of course they've sold and installed many standard Wenzel Bridge CMMs in leading companies like Cummins, TRW, Pace and Delphi.

Go Big or Go Home - Installing the largest Gantry CMMs in Mexico

You could say that Borbolla specializes in thinking big. With global manufacturers flocking to Mexico from China, Korea, Brazil and Europe there is a big need for big CMMs.

To ensure they can fill that need, and install even the largest CMMs, the company owns the latest Renishaw laser equipment and a Hamar alignment laser to ensure accurate leveling. This means Borbolla can install custom-built large Wenzel LHF Gantry CMMs faster and easier than anyone else.

In fact, they have distinction of selling and servicing two of the largest custom-built Wenzel CMMs in the world. The two LHF Gantry CMMs were built and installed in Caterpillar’s Mexico plant and the largest measures 8 meters in length, 4 meters across the bridge, with a 2.5-meter measurement range in the Z-axis.

Metrology technicians as precise as the CMMs they sell

Selling and servicing the best measuring equipment in the industry is only half the equation for Borbolla Metrology. In order to achieve and maintain the highest levels of throughput and part measurement for their customers they’ve got to follow through with the best software, service and training.

To that end, the company’s technicians are certified in the latest metrology software including Wenzel’s OpenDMIS, Pointmaster and Quartis. Their field techs also have expertise in Polyworks, Geomagic, PowerInspect, and even older CMM software like MeasureMax.

To ensure their customers always get the best service, they have five fully- trained field service engineers, backed up by three administrative support people who handle finance, logistics and service coordination. 

With Borbolla Metrology - What you see is what you get

Currently, Borbolla has a full-service demonstration center in Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico showcasing new and used Wenzel CMMs along with different probe and sensor head configurations.
This allows the company to share their expertise and gives customers an in-person view of Wenzel CMM and Renishaw probe customizations performance. With this ability to observe and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the systems clients can envision the exact inspection solution they need for precision measurement of their own parts.

Lots of dealers sell CMMs, but is accuracy guaranteed?

Borbolla’s Metrology lab is accredited under ISO 17025 by the American Laboratory Association (A2LA) to certify CMMs and optical comparators. They are also the only lab in Mexico with the ability to certify bigger CMMs up to 30 meters long.

Used CMMs, Retrofits, Inspection - It’s called full service

Along with the lab, Borbolla’s team of metrology experts retrofit used CMM machines with new Renishaw and Wenzel controllers plus Wenzel software in their fully-equipped facilities. They can also do the same retrofits onsite in the customer’s own plant if needed. 

Additionally, they re-scale Renishaw tape scales, install CNC probes, do laser measurement, and Ball Bar inspection for CNC machines. And, of course, all new equipment they sell is backed with full warranty and the same level of expert support as new machines.

They say you’re only as good as the company you keep

Borbolla Metrology are approved suppliers for some of the biggest and best companies across a multitude of industries, including: GM, CAT, John Deere, GE, TRW, Delphi, INTEVA, STRATTEC, CUMMINS, HELLA, VW, BOSCH, ALCOA, EMERSON, EATON, KAYDON, Whirlpool, Mitsubishi, FEMSA, METALSA, MAGNA, Messier, DANA, HBPO, Honeywell, Gulftream, Nemak, Mahle, Linamar, Tupy, Daimler, and Valeo.

That’s only a partial list, but you get the point - they are your go to metrology resource in Mexico. With clients from across globe the Borbolla team speaks many languages, but the one they are most fluent in is the international language of metrology and precision measurement. 

Find out more about Borbolla Metrology

Borbolla offers sales and service from their four offices across the Republic of Mexico in Saltillo Coahuila, Queretaro, Mexico City, and Chihuahua. Their website at is a resource for dimensional metrology and measurement needs for more than 10,000 Spanish-speaking visitors a month.

For further information about Borbolla Metrology’s products or services available across Mexico, please call 1-800-777-6433 or email their sales department at

Encabezando la frontera sur con el líder en Metrología-Borbolla

Mexico with flag
Como usted bien sabe, nosotros nos llamamos Wenzel América. Lo que usted a lo mejor no se da cuenta es que no solo significa Estados Unidos y Canadá. Nosotros cubrimos Norte América, venga con nosotros y viajemos a la frontera sur para visitar al líder en Metrología de la República Mexicana - Borbolla Metrology. 

Una compañía familiar con más de 20 años de experiencia en Metrología

Como nosotros, Borbolla Metrology es una compañía familiar con un nivel de calidad en el servicio que usted no encontrara en ningún otro tipo de compañía.

Borbolla Metrology logo Fundada en 2003 por Luis y Jorge Borbolla ellos rápidamente se convirtieron en proveedores líderes de metrología en México. Compañías de Estados Unidos, Canadá, China, Corea y por supuesto México, realmente han confiado en la experiencia y servicio de los hermanos Borbolla cuando tienen una necesidad de máquinas de medición o de algún otro equipo de metrología.

“Antes de fundar la compañía, nosotros vendimos algunas máquinas de metrología y equipo desde mediados de los noventas y no todos los proveedores ofrecían el nivel de servicio que nosotros buscábamos para nuestros clientes” explica Luis. 

“Nosotros sabíamos por esta experiencia que teníamos que escoger proveedores que compartieran nuestros mismos valores de calidad, precisión y cuidado de nuestros clientes”

Construyendo una cimentación solida basada en valores y socios correctos

Su misión fue el encontrar socios Fabricantes con la más alta exactitud y precisión en sus productos y a su vez un alto nivel de servicio. La búsqueda termino justo con solo algunas compañías en la cima, incluyendo Wenzel América y Renishaw

“Desarrollando asociaciones con líderes en metrología como Wenzel y Renishaw, en los cimientos de Borbolla Metrology, realmente puso a nuestra compañía con una base sólida” agrego Jorge.

“Trabajando con otra compañía familiar como Wenzel América, quienes saben no solo de precisión de las Maquinas de Medición, además brindan el mejor servicio en esta industria, lo cual nos da la confianza que necesitábamos”

En Metrología- Exactitud y precisión son compañeros de equipo

De acuerdo con los hermanos, su relación con Wenzel América ha sido vital para el desarrollo de la compañía y le ha ayudado a expandir sus servicios a través de México – vendiendo e instalando más de 120 máquinas en compañías de todos los tamaños.

Este volumen de ventas ha hecho de Borbolla el más valioso socio de Wenzel en México y ha ayudado a convertirse en una de las compañías de metrología con más experiencia del país. 

De acuerdo con Andy Woodward, Presidente de Wenzel América, “ Estamos completamente seguros que podemos remitir con Borbolla Metrology a cualquiera de nuestros clientes de Estados Unidos o Canadá que se expanden a México y que ellos recibirán el mismo nivel de servicio que ellos esperan de nosotros”.

5 ejes, No contacto, Maquinas de puente- Haciéndolo todo

La amplia experiencia de Borbolla se extiende en toda la línea de productos de Wenzel, incluyendo máquinas de no contacto y medición en 5 ejes.

Ellos son expertos en sistemas de 5 ejes Wenzel/Renishaw, habiendo vendido e instalado un número importante de máquinas Wenzel con cabezales REVO y PH20.

Su equipo también a entregado las primeras dos unidades Core en México, instalando estas máquinas de escaneo 3D en una planta de Honeywell.

Y por supuesto, ellos han vendido e instalado muchas maquinas estándar de puente Wenzel en compañías líderes como Cummins, TRW, Pace y Delphi.  

Ve en Grande o Ve a Casa – Instalando las más grandes maquinas “Gantry” en México”

Usted podrá decir que Borbolla se especializa en pensar en grande. Con fabricantes globales arribando a México de China, Corea, Brasil y Europa existe una gran necesidad de máquinas CMMs grandes.

Para asegurar de que ellos pueden satisfacer la necesidad, instalar las más grandes CMMs, la compañía es dueña de los más nuevos equipos Laser Renishaw y Laser de alineación Hamar para asegurar una nivelación precisa. Esto significa que Borbolla puede instalar una maquina Wenzel LHF especialmente fabricada para el cliente más rápido y de manera más sencilla que nadie más.

De hecho ellos tienen la distinción de haber vendido y brindar el servicio de dos de las más grandes maquinas especiales construidas por Wenzel en el Mundo. Las dos máquinas Gantry LHF fueron construidas e instaladas en la planta de Caterpillar México y la más grande tiene un volumen de medición de 8 metros de longitud por 4 metros en el puente y 2.5 metros de altura.

Técnicos en Metrología tan precisos como las maquinas CMM que  venden 

Vendiendo y dando servicio al mejor equipo de metrología de la industria es solo la mitad de la ecuación para Borbolla Metrology. En virtud de alcanzar y mantener los más altos niveles de rendimiento y de piezas medidas para sus clientes ellos proveen el mejor software, servicio y entrenamiento.

Para este fin, los técnicos de la compañía son certificados con el mejor software. Incluyendo el Software OpenDmis de Wenzel, Pointmaster y Quartis. En el campo sus técnicos también tienen experiencia en Polyworks, Geomagic, PowerInspect e incluso softwares viejos como el MeasureMax.

Para asegurar que sus clientes siempre tienen el mejor servicio, ellos tienen 5 técnicos de servicio en campo, además de 3 gentes en administración quienes manejan las finanzas, logística y coordinación en el servicio.

Con Borbolla Metrology – Lo que ves es lo que obtienes

Actualmente, Borbolla tiene un centro completo  de demostración en Saltillo Coahuila, mostrando maquinas CMMs nuevas y usadas con diferentes configuraciones palpadores y cabezales.  Esto permite que la compañía comparta su experiencia y brinda a los clientes una demostración en vivo del desempeño de las maquinas Wenzel y la personalización en los palpadores Renishaw. Con la habilidad de observar y entender las ventajas y desventajas de los sistemas, los clientes tienen una visión exacta de la solución de inspección que ellos necesitan para la medición precisa de sus piezas.

Muchos distribuidores venden CMMs, pero ¿la exactitud esta garantizada?

El laboratorio de Metrología de Borbolla Metrology está acreditado bajo la ISO 17025 por la American Laboratory Association (A2LA) para certificar CMMs y comparadores ópticos. Ellos también son el único laboratorio en México con la habilidad de certificar maquinas grandes hasta de 30 metros de longitud.

Maquinas usadas, Actualizaciones, Inspeccion – A esto le llamamos servicio completo

Además del laboratorio, El equipo de Borbolla es experto actualizando maquinas CMM usadas con nuevos controladores Renishaw y software Wenzel en sus instalaciones. Ellos también pueden realizar una actualización completa en la planta del cliente si esto es necesario.

Además, ellos colocan escalas Renishaw de cinta, instalan sensores Renishaw a equipo CNC, mediciones con Laser y pruebas de Ball bar para maquinas CNC.

Y por supuesto, todo el equipo nuevo que ellos venden tienen garantía completa y el mismo nivel de experiencia como en las maquinas nuevas.

Dicen que eres tan Bueno como la compañía que buscas

Borbolla Metrology es un proveedor aprobado para las más grandes y mejores firmas incluyendo: GM, CAT, John Deere, GE, TRW, Delphi, INTEVA, STRATTEC, CUMMINS, HELLA, VW, BOSCH, ALCOA, EMERSON, EATON, KAYDON, Whirlpool, Mitsubishi, FEMSA, METALSA, MAGNA, Messier, DANA, HBPO, Honeywell, Gulftream, Nemak, Mahle, Linamar, Tupy, Daimler, y Valeo.

Esto solo es una lista parcial, pero usted ve el punto, ellos son su opción en metrología en México. Con clientes globales, el equipo de Borbolla habla muchos lenguajes, pero uno de los más fluidos para ellos es el lenguaje internacional de la metrología y la medición precisa.

Encuentre mas de Borbolla Metrology

Borbolla ofrece ventas y servicio desde sus cuatro oficinas localizadas a través de todo México: en Saltillo Coahuila, Querétaro, Ciudad de México y Chihuahua.
Su página WEB es un recurso para la medición dimensional y mediciones con más de 10,000 visitas de gente de habla hispana al mes.

Para mayor información acerca de productos y servicios de Borbolla Metrology  a través de todo México, por favor llame al 01 800 777 Mide (01 800 7776433) o envíe un correo a su departamento de ventas a